What is Bouldering?

Indoor Rock Climbing, bouldering, Sydney, ParramattaBouldering is climbing above a padded surface without the hassles of ropes, harnesses or any other associated equipment. Our climbing walls are a maximum of 3.9m above the matting. Since the access is much easier than a conventional climbing centre, climbers are able to climb straight away in a safe environment.

More importantly, you don’t need a climbing partner! With bouldering, you can just turn up and climb by yourself or join in with a group of other climbers. This social aspect of bouldering is why it’s so popular, it’s a great way to make new friends and also find a group of climbers that are climbing at a similar level. It is more interactive than rope-climbing with climbers working boulder problems together and helping each other.

Many people perceive to boulder successfully you must be strong. This is not true. Bouldering is specific to one’s ability to adapt to moving from one hold to another by utilising individual strengths, so you can train just about any aspect of your climbing whether it be technical, physical or mental.