School Programs

Indoor Rock Climbing School Programs, School SportsBloc Climbing Centre offers an indoor climbing program suitable for school sport and PDHPE programs.

The Bloc Centre Sport Climbing Program has been developed in conjunction with NSW Board of Studies PDHPE syllabus in order to compliment the program being taught in school. The program introduces students to the sport, while encouraging an appreciation for lifelong physical activity.

Bloc Climbing Centre will provide 7m high rope-climbing walls with 6 ropes and a free-climbing bouldering area above matting. We will ensure students are challenged in a supervised, safe learning environment. It’s a fantastic new way for students to exercise in a happy engaging environment.

A climbing instructor will assist the students through climbing activities, which aims to develop health and skill related fitness components as well as promote skills, which enhance learning:

1 Cardio-respiratory endurance 7 Agility 13 Teamwork
2 Muscular strength 8 Coordination 14 Confidence
3 Muscular endurance 9 Balance 15 Decision making and planning
4 Flexibility 10 Reaction time 16 Social interaction
5 Body composition 11 Speed
6 Power 12 Communication & Problem solving skills

This is an exciting, new learning opportunity that will engage students. Our goal is to have a positive influence on students so that they grow up healthy, strong and have a lifelong love of exercise.

Each climbing session would typically run as follows:

Warm-up and stretching/yoga for 15 minutes
Free climbing for 20 minutes
Climbing techniques & skills for 20 minutes
Climbing exercises & team challenge for 20 minutes
Warm-down and group discussion for 15 minutes

Program Structure throughout the School Term:

Over the course of the 9-10 week term, the program will cover:
Weeks 1-2 The Basics of Climbing: How to belay, tying into the rope, climbing with a partner, basic climbing technique including learning the different hand grips and foot positions.
Weeks 3-4 Climbing Skills and Technique: Movement, Balance and Endurance. Climbing strategy for different wall angles (steep vs. slab).
Weeks 5-6 Climbing Skills and Technique: Bouldering and Strength-Building Exercises. Health and Nutrition.
Weeks 7-8 Climbing Games, Cross-training Exercises. Self-Assessment and Goal Setting. Mental Training.
Week 9 Social Climbing Competiton/Team Challenge. Fitness Evaluation.

Cost: $12 per child including harness hire.
Full Term commitment or payment upfront (week1) entitle students to free Term Membership, enabling them to climb free on other days.

School groups are encouraged to have a minimum of 15 participants.

Bloc Climbing Centre has full public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance.

Teachers will be required to accompany and supervise students, however, participation is not required.

All children under 18 must have a waiver form signed by a parent or guardian and must bring it with them on their first visit. To download a copy of the waiver go to: Blocwaiver

Please address all enquires to the manager on 9683 2149 or email