School sports

Climbing and bouldering is an excellent option for PE and organised school sports, and is increasingly popular with students. 

As a part of our schools sports program, schools will have exclusive access to the centre for the duration of their session, with 1-2 dedicated trainers running a structured program including fitness, safety, and bouldering techniques. 

Contact us to find out more. 

Corporate, sporting and social groups

Climbing is a great social and team building sport, getting people a little out of their comfort zone and trying something they've never tried before. 

Groups of 10 or more are welcome at the Bloc during opening hours, but as we're a small gym we do require a booking so we can make sure we have the appropriate number of staff on hand.

The better option for a group is to book outside of hours, where you will get exclusive access to the centre, and a dedicated host, to literally show you the ropes and provide a structured program.

Contact us to find out more.