Climbing Coaching

Climbing coaching training Sydney  Bloc ClimbingPRIVATE COACHING

One-to-one coaching is available for all levels of climbing. This will be a personalised session aimed to assess your weaknesses and help you improve your overall performance. Because bouldering is very specific, your climbing can be broken down and it will become evident just what is holding you back, whether it be technical, mental or physical. A training program will also be designed for you so that you can work on climbing exercises in your own time as well.


Group coaching is available for climbers wanting to engage in a social climbing group where they can improve their performance while also having fun. Group clinics can be very effective as climbers learn from watching each other while also discovering different ways of doing moves. Because every climber is physically different, with different strengths and weaknesses, they can develop their own climbing style that suits them. Climbers will be given training exercises that they can work on as a group to keep them motivated.