About Us

Panoramic view of Bloc Indoor Rock Climbing SydneyBloc Climbing Centre has been open since June 2008, providing a quality training ground for all levels of climbing – from elite climbers training for competitions right through to beginners wanting to get into the sport.

Bloc provides both bouldering and 7m high rope-climbing. There are 9 different bouldering panels and 6 top-rope climbing walls with slow-go pulleys. Our rope climbing walls are suitable for just about anyone including kids, beginners, school groups, birthday parties, and corporate team-building!

Our centre is a climbing ‘playground’ with a great variety of climbing surfaces with many angles and features. Not only is it fun for everyone but also a great way to develop all the different climbing styles. Route-setting is done regularly so that there are constantly new boulder problems to try. The problems are set by a team of experienced route-setters and cater for all levels of climbing. There are around 100 colour-coded boulder problems ranging from V1 – V10 (grading system). No matter what level you are climbing at, you will have plenty of problems around that grade, on a variety of different wall angles. For example, if you are a beginner climber (V1 – V2) you will have around 15 problems that you’ll be able to do and also 15 problems that you’ll be able to try and hopefully do after work. There are also some longer boulder problems throughout the gym for climbers to train their power endurance.

Our centre also provides quality coaching by professional climbers. There is one-to-one coaching for all levels of climbing and also group training sessions for children, beginners and climbers wanting to improve.

There is a Pro Shop at the centre selling climbing equipment including harnesses, climbing shoes, chalk bags, bouldering crash pads, bouldering guide books, and climbing clothing.